Discussion: Hamlet in Film.

Work through 2.5 Hamlet in Film, watching both a film version of the play, completing the notebook exercise, and watching a second, related film. (Your second film should NOT be another adaptation of a Shakespeare play, but a modern movie in which the main character reminds you of Hamlet in some way).Take part in this discussion by posting which film version of Hamlet you are watching, and what you think of it. Based on your viewing, answer the following in a meaningful post (6-10 sentences each):

    1. Based on your viewing of a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, what kind of a person would you say Hamlet is for you personally? Explain.
    2. What second movie are you watching as an example of this kind of person? Explain.
    3. Then respond to at least two other students’ posts with a meaningful comment. (6-10 sentences each!)