Discussion Thread: Research Design

For each Discussion, you will post one thread of at least 400 words

For your thread, you must support your assertions with at least 3 references in the current APA format

Assignment Instructions:

Using the qualitative template (ATTACHHED), and your previous coursework, detail the design you will use for your proposed study. Remember, the only designs currently allowed (without seeking approval from the Research Director) are case studies and phenomenological studies. In your description, detail the specific type (e.g., single intrinsic case study or transcendental phenomenology), complete with rationale and supporting citations.

Important. Notes

Research Topic:

Qualitative Research Design:

Impact of Under-representation of African American Male Administrators on Retention of African American Male Educators

Central Research Question:

To what extent does the under-representation of African American male administrators in K-12 leadership impact the retention of African American male educators?

Sub Questions:

  • How does the lack of African American male leaders in K-12 schools affect African American male educators’ job satisfaction and willingness to stay?
  • What challenges and supports do African American male educators encounter in K-12 schools, influenced by the presence (or absence) of African American male leaders in leadership roles?

Research Design:

This study will employ a qualitative research design, specifically phenomenological inquiry, to explore African American male educators’ lived experiences and perspectives regarding the impact of leadership representation on their professional experiences and retention decisions.