drawings from Daffodil / working on a architecture project PowerPoint slide /

Learning Goal: I’m working on a architecture project and need support to help me learn.

Note :-

— Do Working Drawing power point

– Use the Attach file to do your work reserch information

– Add a lot Information + picture to the slide

– please use one slid – 11″x17″ and design writing information and the pictures as the picture that attachet

– Please add a gutter to the left side of the slide-The lecture delivered today provided an overview of the team of specialists that are required for

In addition to answering the questions of the assignment, give a clear description of what duties each consultant provides for the project.

project of medium intensity. Smaller projects such as remodels so not require such a

comprehensive team, and larger projects might require even more..

Your assignment is to exhibit a basic understanding of Construction Documents, its players, and

the information contained within.


–Answer the following using the working drawings from Daffodil, a mixed use project:

1- Who is the Geotech Engineer and what is their full contact information?

2- What is the zone of the project?

3- What is the allowable height of the project per the zoning requirements?

4-What is the actual height of the project?

5- What role does the Civil Engineer play in the project?

6- On sheet L-5.00 what kind of tree is adjacent to the sidewalk on Kearney Ave? Provide a stock

photo of the tree in your 11×17 presentation.

7-On sheet A2.0 what is the dimension between gridline D and gridline F?

8-On sheet A2.0 how many square feet is Apartment 7?

9- Provide a description, including the size, of door 53.

10- What is the elevation of the floor in Apartment 14?

11- Describe the ceilings on the third floor.

12-What are the two floor materials on the first floor?

13-What is the color of the CMU block wall on the Southwest Elevation?

14-On the Southwest Elevation, what is the height to the top of the roof?

15-What does sheet A4.4 describe?

16-What is the finish of the exposed steel stairways in the project?

17-On the third floor balcony of Apartment 11 that faces Kearney Avenue, what type of wood is


For window 40.1, what is the window type, material, and what is the U-value of the glass?

In detail 10 on sheet A8.3, what does the drip edge do?

On sheet S1 (structural engineer) Foundation Plan, draw or copy a sketch of detail 10

On sheet P1.1, what is the Total Fixture Unit total?

In the Electric Consultant details, find the minimum separation between outlets in a party wall.