Professional Dispositions Self-Assessment Survey

For each of the following dispositions, check the corresponding box to rank how you currently value the disposition on a scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree:

Dispositions Self-Assessment Survey

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

Educators should believe that all students can learn and should set and support realistic expectations for student success.

Educators should be sensitive to individual learning and social needs of students and embrace the cultural diversity of the community.

Educators should promote social justice and equity, maintain appropriate standards of confidentiality, and exercise fairness in all areas including assessment.

Educators should exercise sound judgment and ethical behavior.

Educators should recognize that reflection combined with experience leads to growth as a professional.

Educators should promote and support curiosity and encourage active inquiry.

Educators should model integrity by their words and actions.

Educators should demonstrate professional friendliness, warmth, and genuine caring in their relationships with others while providing intellectual, emotional, and spiritual support.

Teachers understand the effect of community involvement and servant leadership as it applies to the welfare of others in the educational setting.

Educators should be committed to the profession of teaching and learning.

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