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Choose a title for your presentation.

Include your name, the course name and the assignment name.



This slide should include a brief overview stating the purpose of your project and inform how it would inform your conclusion.

Write a brief introduction of the firm you got approval to work on.

To give greater impact make sure to be brief in the slide and explain in the speaker’s notes.

Imagine that you have to present the PPT to an audience.

The slides are an outline for the audience to follow your presentation.

The speaker’s notes would be what you are going to say.


History of the Firm (2 slides)

Provide a few bullet points highlighting the history of the firm, including the date of it’s founding and where stocks can be found (i.e. DJIA, NASDAQ, S&P 500, etc.) along

Give brief overview in bullet point format what the firm sells and any other interesting development currently (from the firm’s website or some media publicaion)

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*Note: to access hyperlinks, go to Slide Show view.

Start with the first topic you want to present.

First research the main idea you want to talk about, research sources, images/graphs/diagrams/tables.

Try to express the main concepts in a brief manner, such as bullet points, images with key words.

Explain the slide in the speaker’s notes.



Include references in .

For help with what in-text citations and reference listings should look like in a PowerPoint, refer .