Economics Question

Research a business or organization to understand its supply chain managementactivities and write a report focused on the following areas related to purchasingand procurement within this organization.2-page report on the giventopic above after researching a company. The company can be local, national, orinternational (e.g. Walmart, or Tata) This report is to be written in APA Format,double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides, 12-point size and Times New RomanFont with page header at the top of every page with flush right page number. Pleasefollow all guidelines and list all references and when quoting use APA in-textcitations
Give an introduction to supply chain management

3. Background of the company (Students select their own company)

4. What is supply chain management and logistics management?

5. The role of purchasing within the organization(Purchasing/Procurement role)

Conclude by summarizing the organizations success/failure of itsoperational activities within its supply chain

Reference Page