Homework 2: Conduct a Behavioral Support Case Study of a student from one of your
tutoring groups (see example posted on Canvas). Include the following:
1. Description of the student, class, and school site
2. The Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) you conducted during class
observation, including your hypothesis for the behavior, an A-B-C chart noting
the antecedent, behavior, and consequence for each observation of a problem

behavior, and a 1-2 paragraph commentary discussing how the FBA relates to
your hypothesis.
3. A behavioral intervention/support plan (BIP/BSP) that you will be able to
implement in your classroom, including proactive and reactive strategies, at least
one behavior intervention strategy discussed during class, how these strategies
will be used, and a 1-2 paragraph commentary of why you think this will work
(i.e. why this plan will address your hypothesis for the behavior).  (1000 word minimum) 

 You could refer to this website for your APA formatting. 

info: tutoring in 2nd grader kids, around 15kids in class. teacher’s name:  Jennifer Khalil