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Major Assignment #3 IRB CITI Training Completed

NOTE: If you have already completed CITI training then there is no need to complete module 1.

Rather, upload your CIlI training certificate instead. The purpose of this assignment is for candidates to understand the ethical and legal guidelines and regulations when conducting research

with human research subjects, (also called research participants). EVERYONE conducting research at, for, or with VSU MUST complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training through CITI. The CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) administers many training courses related to the protection of human subjects. We are most interested in the RCR training modules, of which there are many. Your mission is to complete the first of 22 (RCR) modules to get a feel for the training. After you finish module one you must screenshot your computer prior to closing, as evidence of completion. Finishing one of 22 modules will not result in you being CITI trained.

Full CITI Certification is required by the University in order to conduct research with Human Subjects as part of candidates’ doctoral dissertations and masters theses. Completing all 22 modules (not necessary for this assignment) will make you qualified to apply for VSU IRB approval (not required for EDUC 513 or 580). In addition to conducting independent research, refer to the Creswell Chapter 1 and the IRB folder on Blackboard.