Journal #7 

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? How would you achieve it? 

Step 3: Organize your supporting evidence, COVID-19 Safety 


(Don't worry! This is not a quiz!) 

Use this assignment to create a detailed outline of your process paragraph about COVID-19 safety.  Use the supporting evidence that you pulled together in the previous discussion board.  We're also going to tweak our topic sentence, add transitions, and put everything in order. 

Writing Assignment 

Describe a class in high school or college that you enjoyed. Focus on using commas to include at least one introductory element, one list, one compound sentence and one compound complex sentence. 

The paragraph should be at least  7-10 sentences.

Make sure you have a clear topic sentence and a conclusion. 

Use one of the pre-writing activities to get started.

Must be in MLA format