English Discussion Board 6

Discussion Board 6: “The Gondoliers”

Create a post that answers the following questions. I’m not giving you a word-count requirement, but your answers will reflect that you read the story carefully, as will your grade.  (See #4 below) Your grade also depends on your doing this. 

1. Consider the following repetition:

I used to think that we were very special, the best boatwomen in the world, but Viola says no, we are only vessels ourselves: something wants to be born. Perhaps there are many others like us around the bays of New Florida and elsewhere. Women who know enough to be silent about what is developing inside their bodies (200).

He thinks my home is a cemetery, and I want him to hear how wrong he is before we part company. The end of his life is not the end of all life. Something wants to be born (222).

What do you think it is that wants to be born? What is Russell implying or symbolizing? 

2. Do you feel any pity for the man that Blister transports to the wall? Is Russell trying to represent something through him?

3. What do you think happens at the end of the story? Does Blister die or something else? 

4. Write one question you have about the story for class discussion. Yes, this is required.