English Discussion Board 9

Discussion Board 9: Chapters 40-46 + “Historical Notes

Create a post of a minimum of 250 words that answers the following questions. 

1. How is sex with Nick different from sex with the Commander for Offred? Nick says, No romance before they begin, but is the first time they have sex completely without passion for Offred? What do you think of the fact that she continues to see Nick after the first night?

2. How do you feel about Offreds assertion, in Chapter 41, that she no longer desires to escape Gilead?

3. How do the Salvaging and the Particicution serve Gileads needs? What is their function? 

4. How do you feel about Offreds repentance in Chapter 45? She wants to live no matter what. Do you think this was the right choice for Atwood to make? Would the story be different if Offred reacted to Ofglens death with a different set of thoughts?

5. In the Historical Notes at the end of the novel, Professor Pieixoto says the following: It appears that certain periods of history quickly become, both for other societies and for those that follow them, the stuff of not especially edifying legend and the occasion for a good deal of hypocritical self-congratulation. If I may be permitted an editorial aside, allow me to say that in my opinion, we must be cautious about passing moral judgment upon the Gileadeans. Surely we have learned by now that such judgments are of necessity culture-specific. Also, Gileadean society was under a good deal of pressure, demographic and otherwise, and was subject to factors from which we ourselves are happily more free. Our job is not to censure but to understand.         What do you think of this? What kind of critique might Atwood be making here? 

6. What are some contemporary issues you believe are relevant to Atwood’s novel? In other words, what use is it to read and discuss this novel in 2024?