English Question

For your Drama Paper, you will be writing about either of the texts in the drama section.

Here are the instructions:

Drama – (3pgs) – The student will write about the themes, ideas, or staging of the play. The student will use quotes from the play to prove their point.


– Argumentative Thesis as required in papers above.

– 3 pages length w/ additional works cited page

– 4-6 quotes from primary source (our text)

– 1-2 secondary sources required and should be quoted in the essay.

Your drama paper will focus on Antigone. This play are rife with themes and symbolism. Ask yourself – why do the chracters act this way? What intention did Shakespeare have – what message is he sending? How can I interpret the play or some specific aspect of it? Please remember to follow MLA (or APA) Format and use appropriate secondary sources.

A few things: -Make sure to practice proper quoting and citing/works cited entries.

– Remember to use a secondary source as required. The source should be scholarly/academic. You should quote from it and explain why it is relevant to your thesis. Do not use summary sites (Bookrags/Sparknotes/Wikipedia etc) or dictionary definitions. You don’t have to use literary critcism. You can also use modern research about the themes in the play

– Your thesis will focus on an interpretation of meaning either about the play in its entirety or about a part of it.

Assignment Description:

Paper Basics: Each paper should be based on a text from that section. The paper should be a thesis based argumentative/interpretative paper about the text(s) of choice. Papers should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced with an additional works cited page. Each paper should include 3-5 primary source quotes from the text, and at least 1 secondary source quote, with in-text citations. Secondary sources should be from legitmate scholarly sources. More information about all of these topics in the various sections below.

Drama Paper: Your paper will be about Antigone. You can focus on intepreting the story as a whole, or you can analyze any critical themes of your choice within the play.