English Question

Proposal Essay

Objective: To practice proposing and arguing feasible solutions

Additional focuses: offering logical and possible solutions to real-world problems, using effective language for an academic audience, eliminating 2nd person, explaining and using details to support topic sentences


  • For this essay, you will add solutions to the problems outlined in one of your previous essays.
  • For this essay, your proposal must be 800 1000 words in length.
    • Explain the problem or topic carefully
    • Offer possible solutions to solve the problem
    • Solutions must be reasonable, feasible, and logical
    • Consider the opposition why might an audience oppose the solutions you provided
    • Answer the opposition explain why the solutions you provided are the best

For a proposal essay, you must:

Due Dates:

Proposal Draft 1 This draft must be at least 500 words in length must expand on the rough draft should contain the conclusion

  • Must be in MLA format
  • Must be typed and submitted to CANVAS
  • Must be in multi-paragraph essay format (introduction with clear thesis, paragraphs that propose clear solutions to the problems, support and details in the paragraph exploring how the solutions would work, at least one paragraph addressing the opposition, and a conclusion)
  • No outside sources may be used you may refer to the articles provided in the readings for this genre