Examine Organizational Capacity


For this Signature Assignment, you will select an organization and examine the organizational capacity. You will provide a research paper to thoroughly develop the key requirements and communicate the measures for improvements. Completing this assignment will give you a good understanding of both the materials and personnel responsible for creating and implementing organizational capacity. This fundamental characteristic of organizations is a vital component you will frequently encounter in your academic and professional career. 

For your research paper, be sure to address the following: 

  • Select a publicly held organization.
  • Consider the goods and services the organization provides. 
  • Specify the personnel and material (of all types) that comprise the organizations capacity. 
  • Specify the level of capacity needed through the growth cycle of the corporate year. 
  • Research the actual capacity forecast for the year. 
  • Provide measures to improve capacity to required levels. 
  • Discuss pertinent recommendations for measures for improvement and criteria for evaluating improvements. 

Length: This assignment must be 12-15 pages (excluding the title and reference page).