You have been hired as an intern to help Ingrid Theobald, the owner of Ingrids Instrument Rentals, evaluate how her business is going by using an Excel workbook. Ingrid has created a simple workbook with four worksheets, one for each school to which she rents instruments. She wants to know how much she is making from each school, as well as summary data for all four schools. Each worksheet lists the type of instruments she is renting to the school, the number of students, and the rate per student. Ingrid would like to see on each worksheet total charges for each instrument and a total number of students and total charges for the school. The Rate per Student comes from the RentalRates worksheet, but she would like it to come from a separate workbook. She would also like to be able to share the workbook with the music directors at each school so they can update their number of students each semester.