Excel chapter 6 assignment


Start Excel. Download   and open the file named Exp19_Excel_AppCapstone_ComprehensiveAssessment- Manufacturing.xlsx. Grader has   automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename. 


Group all the   worksheets in the workbook and fill the range A1:F1 from the Insurance   worksheet across all worksheets including the formatting. Ungroup the   worksheets after the fill is complete and ensure the Insurance worksheet is   active.


Click cell I5, and   enter a function that determines the number of full-time employees, (FT).


Enter a database   function in cell I6 that determines the average salary of all full-time   employees with at least one dependent. Format the results in Accounting   Number Format.


Enter a lookup   function in cell E5 that returns the tax deduction amount for the number of   dependents listed in the cell C5. Use the table in range   H13:I17 to complete the function. The maximum deduction is $500.00;   therefore, employees with more than four dependents will receive no   additional deductions.


Use Auto Fill to copy   the function down, completing column E. Be sure to use the appropriate cell   referencing. Format the data in column E with the Accounting Number Format.


Enter a logical   function in cell F5 that calculates employee FICA withholding. If the   employee is full-time and has at least one dependent, then he or she pays 7%   of the annual salary minus any deductions. All other employees pay 5% of the   annual salary minus any deductions. Copy the function down through column F.   Format the data in column F with Accounting Number Format.