Executive Summary Report and Leadership Portfolio

Industry: Banking

Topic: Ethical Sales Management


Executive Summary 500words

Summary of the capstone project. Include your approach to the capstone project, including design, purpose, goals, and results of your pre- and post-assessment evaluations. The executive summary should be the first entry in your Leadership Portfolio.

 Leadership Portfolio 1000words (250words each section)

 LDR-600Leadership Styles and Development 250words

 LDR-612Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership Development 250words

 LDR-615Organizational Development and Change 250words

 LDR-630Servant Leadership 250words

Conclusion 500words

Conclude the portfolio with a brief personal call to action. Describe your professional development plan after you graduate. How will you continue to grow as a leader? Also, identify specific resources, such as professional organizations, mentors, and professional development opportunities that will help you accomplish your plan.