feed back kim

 I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the concepts this week. Your use of formative and summative assessments in your classroom sounds very reasonable. I do have a few questions regarding your plans. You had mentioned the use of formative assessment after teaching a large lesson to the class. Would you piggyback this with a summative assessment? I ask, because under normal circumstances a formative assessment is not graded, and is used more for your knowledge and student feedback. I am not sure of your familiarity with curriculum design, and this may play a role in your thoughts. I can certainly support the thought of using interim formative assessment to reflect on what knowledge students are gaining and which areas of the curriculum may remain fuzzy. Perhaps this method could be used to clarify topics prior to giving a summative assessment on the lesson. I can certainly see how this may be useful and may even institute this thought process in my future career. You certainly provide a great plan in your response and you have the wheels turning in my head as to how I can use the thoughts of yourself and my classmates to optimize my own classroom going forward. Thank you for expanding my own knowledge and allowing me to delve deeper into this subject!