Over the past eight weeks, we covered the various modules that you will find within an HRIS systems, as well as the benefits to both the organization and employees alike while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the human resources department.    You will prepare a paper in APA format (no less than 5 pages) on either an HRIS issue, advancement, or future trend.  You will  include the following  elements: 

· An introduction of the issue, advancement, or future trend which includes the current research on the topic.

· What is the role in HR of the technology or advancement chosen?

· The impact the advancement or future trend has on human resources and the organization

· What HR and organizations must do to prepare for and support the advancement or trend. When identifying a solution or action organizations must take, you will want to include a minimum of two concepts from the weekly topics addressed throughout the course.



· Your title page, references, and any attachments are not included in the page count.  

· Do not forget your introduction, conclusion, or your reference page; however, an  abstract is  not required.

· Save your paper as Last Name_Week2_HRMT415.doc (e.g. Smith_Week8_HRMT415.doc).

· You will use a minimum of 5 sources with 3 of those sources being peer reviewed. You can, of course, use more.