Financial statement analysis

Financial Statement analysis, also otherwise known as financial analysis is a process that refers to analyzing the financial statements of an organization with the objective of ascertaining the financial situation of a business and thereafter making informed decisions regarding the business based on sound financial information.

Task requirements:

  1. Choose two or more companies from same industry from FTSE 100.
  2. Compare two or more years of their financial statements.
  3. The analysis should be presented in tables and graphs such as pie, line and bars chart.
  4. The analysis should be critically review and the consequences of historical data.

Professional experts conduct it in the field by assessing financial reports prepared for a financial year. So, what is financial statement analysis? It studies accounting ratios involved in financial transactions mentioned in a balance sheet.

The following ratios are included in a financial statement analysis:

Asset utilization ratio

Leverage ratio

Valuation ratio

Profitability ratio

Liquidity ratio

Market Prospect Ratios

Market benchmarks