Generative AI Presentation

Prepare a 4-slide, 5-minute presentation using a deductive argument to explain why and how your generative AI tool must evolve over the next 3-5 years to remain competitive 

  • Always read the prompt and the rubric carefully
  • You should look at AI trends in the following 3-5 years. You do not have to compare only with ChatGPT.
  • The lead Product Manager at your new firm asked you to assess how its Microsoft Copilot AI  needs to evolve over the next 3-5 years, to remain competitive in this fast-changing industry.  
  • You have secured time to present to the larger product team including engineering, marketing, and sales where you will recommend evolving Microsoft Copilot AI to remain competitive in the fast-evolving industry. Using a deductive argument, prepare a 4-slide, 5-minute presentation to the product team. 
  • Make sure to properly use a deductive structure: Situation (“as you know”…), Complication (“However…” – risks, opportunities, etc.), and the resolution with action items. 
  • Submit in PPTX format.

Please upload your slides in .pptx form, the Generative AI appendix and draft of speech about the slides(Please note that the content for the speech and slides should be for five minutes.) by 1pm. on Wednesday February

Specific requirements follow:
1Generative AI Presentation(Presentation Grading Rubric needs Exceeds Expectations)

This announcement contains tips for your March 1 presentations, including: 1) the Situation-Complication-Resolution framework, 2) slide best practices, 3) citations, and 4) an example presentation from a prior semester. 

1.Quick refresher on Situation-Complication-Resolution

Here are 2 short videos if you’d like to review the Situation-Complication-Resolution framework. 

2.Slide best practices

Here are 2 short videos that summarize expectations for your slides.


Please put an abbreviated citation on each slide and a complete Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) citation on a bibliography slide at the end. 

See this document for an example: CMS citation guide for presentation

4.Example Presentation.Specific requirements follow:

As we reviewed in class, here is an example presentation from a prior semester for reference. It is **not** perfect and is not necessarily an “A” presentation, but can give you an idea for the look and feel of a presentation in this model:

 Example Presentation (S-C-R)