Geotechnical and transportation capstone ppt

please create a slides covering the firts 2 bullet point of the assignment:

  • Identify the locations of mast arms for traffic signals at the intersections in your project scope.
  • If there is no mast arm, propose a mast arm option for an existing traffic signal structure.

i have uploaded our ppt project ( Hanna avenue) please use it and add the slides to it or use same template.

I have also uploaded a sample slides from another project from previous semester.

consider incorporating similar elements:

1. **Visual Representations**: Include diagrams or photos that give a clear view of the current intersection layout and where the mast arms would be placed.

2. **Data Tables**: Present traffic data and any calculations that support your proposed locations for the mast arms.

3. **Design Details**: Provide specifications for the mast arm designs, referencing FDOT standards and guidelines.

Here are the resources:

Drilled Shaft

FDOT Structures Manual

Volume 1 – Structures Design Guidelines (Based on AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications)

Volume 3 – FDOT Modifications to LRFD Specifications for Structural Supports For Highway Signs, Luminaires and Traffic Signals (LRFDLTS-1)

AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (8th edition, 2017)

FDOT Design Manual

FDOT Soil and Foundation Handbook (2021)

FDOT Program StandardMastArm v1.6 in Excel for Design Aid for FDOT Standard Mast Arm Assemblies (Standard Plans Index 649-030)

FDOT Program Drilled Shaft v1.1 in Mathcad 15 for analyzing overturning and torsion in drilled shafts in accordance with AASHTO LRFD LTS Design Specification

PTC Mathcad (Free for 30 days)