Global climate change


You will compose an audience of college students and analyze portions of this presentation. You should discuss why the audience was selected and what their potential relationship with climate change could be. 

What does the audience need to know most and how will the presentation be structured? 

I. Introduction

a) Audience Selection and Analysis 

i. Why did you select your particular audience? What is the relationship between your audience and global climate change? 

ii. How did you decide what your audience needs to know most? What approach did you choose to be most effective with them? 

iii. How did you decide on your structure, format, and tone?

In the commentary section, further explain how the audiences attention will be gained through the presentations structure, objectives, and shared knowledge of climate change

b) Commentary 

i. How do you get the attention of your audience? 

ii. How do you introduce your objectives? 

iii. How do you introduce your structure?

iv. How do you define your key termsweather, climate, model, etc.?

c) How is it possible to meet the rising demand for energy with clean and renewable sources of power? What are the main political and ethical issues involved in the use of different sources of energy? What economic factors drive the global demand for energy?