Marketing Plan: LinkedIn 1

Marketing Plan Introduction Assignment

Marketing Plan: LinkedIn

Marketing Management

By: Yatinkumar Panchal (609039)

Vaibhav Patil (627833)

Marketing Plan: LinkedIn 2


We as a group decided to do research on LinkedIn company a famous social networking

company where people connect to discuss various types of professional discussions. So we would

like to create the marketing plan for this company and do more research on how this company

works. Everyone will go through different profiles, connect with different people to mainly know

about different job roles. Everyone can make the connections with others easily and they can know

about any specific roles positions in a company (Archambault & Grudin, 2012). Marketing

strategies that LinkedIn uses is really good and they are seeing good sales, business from last

decade. Every professional who is working in IT, business, finance, education sector uses LinkedIn

to share their profiles, roles so that others can apply for them or connect with people. In this paper

we would like to do more research on what marketing strategies are present in the market and

develop a marketing plan for LinkedIn.

In the current market also there are so many different marketing strategies like ads,

promotions, referrals, posting stories can help reach higher audiences. Mainly in case of LinkedIn

many people will post the job positions so definitely we will consider how their business model is

working and what changes they can do to increase their sales reach. Everything will be discussed

properly in the marketing plan. Companies can also use LinkedIn to advertise job openings,

positions, or requirements so that they can hire people with the right skills. It was first developed

in 2003, and by 2015, its popularity had grown to the point where many people began using it for

employment. Even LinkedIn has made it possible for a lot of recruiters to work directly with

employees. If the recruiters like the employees' experiences and skills, they can work together to

schedule an interview. Linked has a lot of good features, like the ability to search for other people

using the search bar and connect with them to talk about opportunities (Shields, 2021).

Marketing Plan: LinkedIn 3

Why we chose LinkedIn?

We chose LinkedIn because we are form It company and we know what are the benefits of

it. Everyone uses this application on daily basis so it is easy analyze and create a marketing plan.

In the coming weeks, we will conduct additional research on how LinkedIn has seen a significant

increase in sales and employees. Based on this research, we will develop a marketing strategy to

enable LinkedIn to reach even larger audiences and increase sales and profits. We chose LinkedIn

primarily to learn about its business model, how people can find new jobs, and its features and

marketing strategies so we can create a plan. We also learned from a variety of other statistics that

nearly all working professionals use LinkedIn, and most of them are active at all times. This really

helps us learn more about the business, conduct additional research, and create a marketing


Also in our plan we will provide the information related to marketing strategies, different

features, sales, how to promote any job role, how to improve ethe reach for any recruiters, handling

the discussion forums so that it helps the companies, employees. So we help LinkedIn mainly to

improve their areas of marketing to see good results. We will also provide different ways to

promote their products with more reach.


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