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To carry out assessment and accreditation processes in higher education, there need to be
theoretical models that assessment practitioners can use to guide their efforts. The Joughin and
Macdonald Model of Assessment in Higher Education exemplifies such a theoretical model.
Over time, such models must be adapted to incorporate the changing nature of assessment and
accreditation. Universities and colleges use the guidance of such models to create their own
assessment processes, one example being the Liberty University PLACE assessment model. It is
vital that all stakeholders at the institution be involved in planning and conducting assessment
processes, which can be done by incorporating them into appropriate stages of an institutions
assessment processes. These stakeholders need to be aware of the standards the institutions
regional accreditation agency has developed to ensure the assessment processes carried out will
produce improvements across the institution and the documentation necessary to demonstrate
that the accrediting agencys standards are being met.
For this assignment, compose a paper with the following:
1. First, recommend three ways the Joughin and Macdonald Model of Assessment can be
improved; one recommendation is needed for each of the following:
a. To better reflect the current definition of assessment.
b. To better reflect the purpose of assessment.
c. To better reflect the approaches to assessment.
2. Then, you will analyze the stages of the Liberty University PLACE Process of
Assessment described in the Watch: Assessment Models, Processes, and Stakeholders
item located in this module and suggest ways to incorporate specific, appropriate
stakeholders into different stages of the Liberty University process. Transcript is attached
3. Finally, categorize the scope of regional accreditation standards and note the specific
stakeholders who would be involved in addressing each specific category of standards.
Your paper must be 5 pages (not including the required title, abstract, and reference pages).
Support the content of your paper with at least six different sources from scholarly peer-reviewed
sources and/or the Bible. At least four sources must have been published within the past five
years, and at least one source must be from the Bible. A source can be cited more than once.
Current APA style must be followed throughout your paper.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism.If report ismore than 2% I. will you. to redo. Please. no. Also. please. do. not use AI generator , AI tool. or chatbots. Please original Work