Hist Project (need in 8 hours)

Part 1:

  • Research, find, and do your project on a historical monograph like Black Fortunes about American Historical figures from 1877- 2022.
  • Do a document analysis for the book
  • You will do the project by yourself.

Part 2:

Go to:

  • Set up an account per person.
  • Pick an infographic template to use for the project. Most of them are free. I will not reimburse you if you upgrade to the paid templates.
  • Proceed to edit the infographic by inputting the information gathered from the Document Analysis for the book.
  • You must input the information from questions 1-12, all other information is up to you, as long as it comes from the book analysis.
  • The Infographic should answer the questions on the document analysis worksheet used for your D.A. assignment.

NOTE: The Infographic can be as creative as you would like

*****When finished with the infographic in order to save a PDF copy to your computer do the following:

  • Login to
  • Go to your infographic.
  • Click the download symbol at the top of the page.

Your infographic will be saved to your computer.

Part 3: Write the essay following the Document Analysis outline.