History Question

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After reviewing farmers during the Great Depression and the relative success of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, you now turn your attention to criticism of the New Deal. The purpose of this exercise is to acquaint you with alternative proposals to provide assistance to needy Americans. It is an example of how Americans have the right and freedom to challenge national leaders and their policies. This unit’s assignment will build your abilities in comprehending competing economic plans, make informed analyses, and appreciate the rights Americans possess to be critical of their public leaders.


There are two parts to this assignment.

  1. Essay: After reading Chapters 25 and 26, read the excerpts of the Long, Townsend, and Sinclair proposals included on the Thinking About Your New Deal Essay page. Write an essay that answers the following question:

    What made the Long, Townsend, and Sinclair proposals attractive to Americans who wanted additional assistance for the needy and why?

    Your essay should be at least 3 pages (of at least 5 paragraphs), use 12 point Times New Roman font, and be double-spaced. Use only the sources provided and be sure to cite all quotations. Leave time to submit your essay to Tutors for feedback/review, which may help improve your grade.

  2. PART 2 ON ANOTHER PAGE. WRITE A reflection on what you’ve learned during this unit and through the process of writing your essay. Explain what you understand now that you didn’t before. Have your views changed because of this? Why or why not?