How best packers and movers in bangalore protect important materials!

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In case you are planning to move your materials like Mirrors, silverware, and other delicate household items should be packed and moved with additional caution because they are easily broken if improperly handled. As a result, to transport mirrors securely, you must prepare ahead and employ top-notch packaging supplies.

In order to ensure the safe transportation of your mirrors, this article will lead you through the packaging process.

Materials Needed for Packing for the Move Marker

box mirror


Bouncy tape

packing material

wrapping paper

Plaster tape

How Should I Pack Mirrors?

Step 1: Get Your Mirror Ready

  • Put the mirror on a spotless surface, like a dining room table or a spotless floor.
  • Lay your mirror face-up and use painter’s tape to create a massive “X” that spans the entire surface from corner to corner.
  • The protected area can be greatly increased by running the tape in a grid pattern both horizontally and vertically along the reflecting surface.

Pack your mirror 2nd Step

  • Before you begin wrapping the mirror, secure its corners with a piece of foam or cardboard.
  • To preserve the mirror and prevent it from bending, place cardboard along the sides of the mirror. Use packaging tape to secure the cardboard to the mirror.
  • With care, wrap the mirror in bubble wrap before wrapping it once again in packing paper. Ensure that the bubble wrap is flat and completely envelops the mirror.
  • After properly wrapping your mirror, secure it using packing tape.
  • Create a bed of padding on the bottom of your mirror box by crumpling a few packing papers.
  • The wrapped mirror should be carefully inserted inside the box, and any empty spaces should be filled with crumpled packing paper or packing peanuts. As empty space can cause the mirror to shift and perhaps break during transit, be sure the box is completely full.
  • Tape the box shut and give it a gentle shake to see what moves. If so, open the container and apply more padding.
  • Using packing tape, secure your mirror box as a last step. Using a permanent marker, write “FRAGILE” and “DO NOT LAY FLAT” on the box’s sides.

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