Prior to this discussion, read Chapter 2 in Brown and Green (2020), Khalil and Elkhider (2016), Schwartz (2018), and Culatta (n.d.-b). This discussion gives you an opportunity to discuss learning theories and learning activities that support various theories and will support you with the Week 2 Gagné’s 9 Events of Instruction assignment. Please review the Week 2 Instructor Guidance page and the Discussion Grading Rubric before participating.


Initial Post: Consider the different perspectives you explored this week on how people learn. In your initial post,

· Discuss which perspectives resonate with your own personal characteristics and why.

· Select two perspectives, and complete the following:

· Identify at least two benefits and two drawbacks for  each

· Describe a learning activity that supports  each


Critical Thinking Guidance: To help meet the critical thinking requirement, your post should do at least one of the following:

· analyze or evaluate information,

· make connections to other concepts in the class,

· provide examples that support your thoughts and viewpoints,

· share personal experiences relevant to the post,

· cite sources that support what you are stating in your post, or

· offer alternative viewpoints