I need a powerpoint presentation with speaker notes

Learning Goal: I’m working on a engineering multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assignment Content

  1. Submit your recorded final presentation

    • Assignment Format: MS Powerpoint Slide Deck; APA format
    • Submission Format: Blackboard Submission
    • Length: 8 – 10 slides; 10 minute Zoom Video maximum
    • Citations Required: 5-7 References
    • Points: 100 points out of 1,000 points course total

    format for the slides are:

    • Introduction: Amazon and the Case Study
    • Current State of the Business
    • Amazon Businesses
    • Supporting business and technology strategies behind those businesses
    • Three portions of the business that will drive the future of the business
    • Supporting business and technology strategies behind those future businesses
    • Summary

    PowerPoint Specifications

    • Follow the PowerPoint Rule of 6 (no more than 6 words per point, no more than 6 points per slide)
    • Limited/Meaningful Clipart or Pictures
    • MS Powerpoint Theme is required

    MS Powerpoint Presentation Suggested Layout:

    • Cover Slide – Include Unique Title, Full Name, Cohort #and Course Name, Date Submitted
    • Agenda Slide – Outline for the presentation – what will you tell them
    • 8-10 slides related to the content
    • References Slide – List at least 5 – 7 references (APA format)

Requirements: follow instructions