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Discussion 5: Projects and Processes

Must post first.


  1. What is a project?
  2. What is a process?
  3. How do projects differ from business processes?
  4. What are the main factors that cause projects to fail?


Initial post will be due by Thursday and responses to at least two (2) other classmates’ posts between Thursday and Saturday.

Individual posts are to have at least 400 words with good collegiate-level English. Avoid using only bulleted answers/posts as these are too vague to receive much credit, and use your own words with vocabulary from the book. If you copy material or use direct quotes be sure to cite the source and make sure you include its reference using proper APA format. Your initials post should address all questions and provide an example from your experience as a consumer, professional, and/or a current event.

Responses to classmates’ posts should have at least 150 words. Responses should be substantive (having substance, more depth than just “I agree/disagree,” “Good answers”). Remember to be respectful and courteous to others when you are communicating in any online open forum. Your discussion comments and replies should be supportive and kind; do not be openly critical of what someone else posts. If you do not like or agree with what another classmate has posted you do not need to reply to that student simply reply to someone else’s initial post. And if you find something that someone else has posted to be offensive or grossly incorrect you should email your instructor about it.