Infographics play a crucial role in visually presenting information, data, or knowledge. These graphical illustrations are extremely powerful when it comes to effectively communicating complex details quickly and clearly. The objective of this assignment is to generate a visually appealing infographic that showcases the strengths and areas for improvement for a business you select. You may want to research online for examples of infographics to generate ideas.


Part 1

  1. Develop an Infographic for a business that exists or one that you would like to start in the future.
    1. Use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create the infographic.
  2. Develop an interesting and original title for your infographic.
  3. Include the following essential elements in your infographic:
    1. Prominence of a distinctive marketing image:
      1. Incorporate an iconic visual representation that can be readily associated with your brand, enabling easy recognition among consumers.
    2. Incorporation of key terms related to your company:
      1. Integrate relevant industry-specific vocabulary or phrases that are closely linked to your organization’s core values and offerings, further reinforcing its unique identity.
    3. Storytelling through visuals, statistics, and interesting facts:
      1. Utilize a combination of compelling graphics, factual data, and captivating trivia to narrate the journey and essence of your brand effectively. This multifaceted approach will engage viewers on multiple levels.
    4. Include photos, icons, and graphics that complement the material.
    5. Use a consistent color palette and layout for a visually pleasing design.
  4. Submit your completed 1-page infographic flyer as a digital file (Word, PDF, or PPT ).
    1. When printing or viewing electronically, ensure that the text and images are legible.

Part 2

  1. Write a brief introduction outlining the significance of excellent corporate communication in today’s professional environment.
  2. Develop a brief (250-word) written explanation of your design decisions and how they improve the usefulness of your infographic.