Create a PowerPoint presentation with Presenter Notes detailing your plan. Telehealth. This should consist of 10-12 slides. Include the following:

  • A title slide depicting your name and the title of your project
  • Include 1-2 slides each on: an overview of the technology, benefits of this technology, an overview of ethical, legal, safety, and privacy issues related to this technology, an overview of your projected implementation of this technology in your current or future workplace.
  • Create a slide which describes what you think are present and future implications for nurses with respect to technology in general, and this technology specifically.
  • Create a reference slide and put all references used in presentation.
  • 5 professional references are required, and in-text citations on individual slides are needed.
  • Add presenter notes to the slide which enhance the content of the slides, as if you were presenting to a group, and this is your script. In PPT, access notes view to see the presenter notes boxes. Slides should not contain paragraphs of narrative. They should contain only bullet points or brief explanations. The longer narratives go in your presenter notes.