INTL706 Terms of Reference for Team Project 1

Report: 10% of final grade


Given the unique perspective shared by members of your team, you have been tasked to prepare a report that identifies and analyses at least one product or service that exists in the home country of one or more team members that is not now available in Canada.

Scope of Project:

The product or service identified should be considered a success in the home market. Your task is to understand the conditions that led to the success of this product or service.

Describe the product or service, the company and industry in the domestic market using material in ‘Chapters 1 and 2 of the text.

Then, using the material in Chapter 3 of the text, assess the viability of this product or service being successful in Canada.

Report Format:

The report should follow the following format:

Title Page

Table of Contents

Purpose of the Report

Content of Report



Bibliography and Citations

Report Considerations:

-In English to a Canadian reader

-all currency to be expressed in Canadian dollars (with the foreign currency in brackets)

-a professional, well-written 10-12 page report following APA standards

-at least 5 peer reviewed research articles and or articles from respected journals and magazines, periodicals published within the past 24 months.

Action Required:

1. Submit Team Charter and Team Photo into the dropbox at the conclusion of the Week 2 class.

2. Submit Completed Report into the e-dropbox before the start of the Week 4 class.

3. Be prepared to give a ten minute presentation in the Week 4 class.