For stage 1, you will create a timeline of your life using five specific artifacts of technology.  At least two should be non-digital (a tool, musical instrument, appliance, non-digital electronic device, a form of transportation, etc.). You will then write a concluding paragraph that reflects on the overall impact of these technologies on your personal experiences and development. 

For your timeline, please do the following: 

1. Select five specific artifacts of technology that have impacted you throughout your life, and find a picture of each.

2. Arrange your pictures in a chronological timeline by associating each picture with a specific age or time in your life.

3. Write a title for each picture that includes: 

1. The name of the technology

2. The year you first used the technology 

3. Your age at the time 

4. Write a 3-5 sentence caption for each picture that describes how that specific technology influenced your experiences and self-identity at that time in your life. When writing your captions, you might consider these questions: Did you have an emotional connection to this particular technology? Why? How did this technology shape your self-conception? Your relationship with others? How did this technology affect your thoughts about yourself and the world?

5. Compose a concluding paragraph of about 7-10 sentences that reflects on how these forms of technology impacted your personal development. Some questions to consider include: Would you be the same person you are today without this technology? Did any of the technologies covered change you during a specific time of your life? Describe how technology, in general, is a part of who you are based on the artifacts you included in this assignment?

6. Provide MLA citations for each image at the end of your timeline.  

Sample Citation

Martin, M. Photograph of Brother AX 28, Typewriter Museum,  . Accessed 24 April 2019. 


Submit this as a Word document with embedded images. Your images should appear in chronological order with the name and caption under each image. Your concluding paragraph should be at the end. Your captions and final paragraph’s text should be typed, double-spaced, and use a common 12 pt. font like Times New Roman or Calibri.  

Sample Timeline Entry 

this is your image 


this is your title—–> Brother AX 28 Typewriter, 1989 high school

this is your caption—–> This typewriter had spell check and a small digital screen to type a sentence and check it before the typewriter printed it. I wrote all of my senior year papers on this typewriter, and it made editing so much easier. I had liked to write but always wanted to edit my papers after I typed them, which was difficult with a manual typewriter, so I ended up feeling discouraged sometimes. My concept of writing was changed by this typewriter when I was introduced to digital editing, and I even ended up studying creative writing later and still write today. This typewriter encouraged my conception of myself as a writer.