Instructor’s mention

This week you are asked to take a handwritten example of a provider schedule and create an electronic list of appointment types and an electronic version of the provider's schedule.  

· The appointment types list should detail the different types of appointments, how long they are scheduled for by default, and any other specific details indicated in the assignment prompt.  

· EHRs that I have worked with a pretty flexible in creating providers' schedules, but for this assignment, I would like to see the provider's schedule built out so that all the blocks in a day are consistent in length.  You can do this in whatever time increments you want, but keep in mind that you need to compare the different lengths for each appointment type and make sure that they fit neatly into the blocks.  

. Hint – Look for the lowest common denominator in the visit type lengths.  

For the format for this week's assignment, you can choose whatever you want that displays the information that I am asking for. Building this all out in an Excel template is probably easiest, but you can do this in any way that you want.