8-1 Discussion: Reaching Career GoalsINT -220

In this final module, you have explored career possibilities and credentials related tointernational business. After reviewing the module resources, take some time to reflect on yourcareer goals before completing this discussion.

In your initial post, address the following:

● What is your career goal?● What topics and skills covered in this course do you think will help you the most in your

future career, and why?● Do you think that any of the credentials from this module's resources could be worth

pursuing for your career goal? Why or why not?● Write a post of 2 to 3 paragraphs.

Select at least one of the following questions to guide your responses to a minimum of twopeers:

● Compare and contrast the topics and skills you and your peers found to be the mosthelpful for your respective career goals, noting why there may be similarities ordifferences.

● If you identified credentials similar to those that your peers identified, share some of thereasons why you think the credentials could be beneficial to your careers, as well assome important requirements you'll need to keep in mind while working toward them.

● Write a post of 2 to 3 paragraphs.

Peer 1

Batshir Bar

I am working on completing the required 150 educational credits to become eligible to sit for theCPA exams. I am currently working in accounting but would like to dive further into the financeside of things (FP&A) later on.

I have learned the importance of understanding global business etiquette since in the corporateside of accounting, oftentimes I would have to deal with people from different nations. In mycurrent position as a corporate accountant in the retail industry, I deal with Chinese and Indiansdistributors so I was able to learn form the course ways to explore others’ cultures which in turnhelp understand customs, negotiation, and information sharing.

The module's included a credential I was looking into previously, Certified ManagementAccountant (CMA). This credential is a global one vs. the CPA which is for the US only, which

means it could help me advance in my career by demonstrating that I have a globallyrecognized certification.

Peer 2

Christina August

Hi all, my career goals are more in the accounting/finance world and not on a global basis but Ican appreciate the importance of knowing and understanding all the components of what goesinto taking a business global. The costs, the marketing, the culture, the currency exchange, thelegal policies that need to be followed and budgeted for. There are several things I would nothave considered to be important like understanding where a country falls on the Hofstede'sInsight and making sure that the product matches the country you are trying to take it to. Andthat selling it there in the correct manner!

There isn't much I would take and use in my daily career choices right now but you never knowif someday I become employed with a global business and it will be important to understand allthat they are responsible for and be able to contribute to the team with information learned fromthis class.