Issues of sex and gender


Identify  an issue that is facing our society today that is in some way related  to sex and/or gender and has opposing sides. Consider a law that was  recently put into or taken out of effect or is being debated. You could  also look to the statements or actions of a public figure or  organization that has generated significant attention from the media.  The issue you select should have ample material from which you may pull  to gain insight into the details surrounding it. Feel free to email your  instructor if you would like to verify that an issue is appropriate or  if you would like some suggestions as to what you could cover.

Explore  multiple sides of the issue you have selected until you have a good  understanding as to why each side believes it is right. Research the  historical events that have caused the circumstances of this issue.  Engage in discussions with others who have strong feelings about the  issue to learn the reasons why they feel they way they do. 


  • The issue that you have identified (a concise synopsis of what the issue is)
  • Historical context (previous events in history that have contributed to the rise of the issue)
  • Both sides of the current argument (provide an objective review- the reader should not know which side of the issue that you personally are on)
  • At least two possible resolutions to the issue (include the potential ramifications of each resolution for both sides)