IT 364 , Majed, Computing Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a artificial intelligence question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Q1 ) i. Write the SWOT analysis of a fast-food restaurant business.

ii. Identify key success factors and perform the competitive analysis.

Q2) i. Evaluate which business legal structure (partnership, sole trader, private limited, public limited, etc.) would suit Sarah best to establish her business. Justify your choice.

ii. Make sure to list the pros and cons about your choice.

Q3)a) Compare the pros and cons of the new franchise Cinnaholic and the established franchise Brioche Doree.

b) Based on comparison, from the perspective of the franchisees, what is the best offer and why?

Q4)a) Calculate earnings on tangible assets.

b) Calculate the value of the business using the excess earnings method (EEM).