IT365 , Majed , Enterprise Systems

Learning Goal: I’m working on a artificial intelligence question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Q1 ) Compare traditional and Enterprise Systems (ES) software implementation in term of:

  • Focus
  • Implementation Time
  • Cost
  • Example
  • Q2) Enterprise Architecture consisting of:

  • Business Architecture,
  • Information Architecture,
  • Application Architecture
  • Technical Architecture.
  • How can we apply them on the following example: Online store?

    Q3)What does quality mean in general? There are two perspectives involved in quality. List them and provide an example for each one. Use your own words.

    Q4)In your own words, what do the following concepts mean? Support your answers with examples.

    – Time to market

    – Lifetime

    – Tradeoffs

    – Stakeholders