Job Interviews Report

In a report table format:

**Find a New Job you wish to obtain. Use the Powerful Search Engine listed or any other search engine you wish to find the job: :

**List the qualifications and education needed for the job and the salary. Compare the job, qualifications, education and salary with the “Occupational Handbook” by the government.

**Compare your qualifications and slaary to the job and the handbook.

Research and complete a report on the following topics listed below:

–List questions you can ask at the Job Interview.

  • Interviewing Prep: What are is Job Interview Checklist for Job-Seekers
  • What are Traditional Employment/Job Interview Questions
  • Avoid These 10 Job Interview Bloopers — Critical Job-Seeker Interviewing Mistakes (What are the Job Interview Bloopers)
  • The two styles of interviewing used by companies today are the traditional job interview and the behavioral interview, skye interviewing, and telephone interview. Define and explain the different styles. Please list the advantages and disadvantages of each style.
  • List 10 Sticky Job Interview Situations and How to Handle Them