Journal 2

Jan van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait is an iconic painting, possibly commemorating a marriage. You can zoom in on it .


Written response:

For the written response, do not list in bullet points, your answer still needs to be in narrative form. And, good heavens, no texting shorthand.

  • What is going on in the scene?
  • What message is being conveyed?
  • Symbolism abounds – what are six symbols within the painting? What are they and what do they represent? Why is that important within the context of this painting?
  • We are now in the Early Renaissance, how have the figures evolved from what we saw last week?
  • Written response: this will be a regular journal assignment responding to the prompt. There should be specific examples. Dont just tell me in the Lamentation, but WHERE specifically, the emotion is seen on Marys face within the Lamentation scene. I cannot stress this enough. Two to three paragraphs of good information that answers the question no fluff, not giving me background on the artist, the movement, elaborating on the Biblical story, etc. Only relevant facts that pertain to the question.