Journal 2


Today I had the pleasure of working at NICU at Jackson. This unit is a level 2 NICU. I had the honor to take care of two patient today with my preceptor. Luckily these were the same two patients I had last week. Patient A was admitted because of TTN transient transcutaneous tachypnea. Because of this the patient will desaturate. I learn that babies are natural nose breather so he will have to get use breathing while eating. Moreover, baby A was able to come over eating breathing after the first 5 minute. Physical therapy also helps with the feeding process. Baby B was admitted because he was born early. He is actually a twin. In the previous week his twin sister was admitted but was sent home due to her rapid incline in health. Overall my day was good. I learned a lot. As usual we preformed our routinely 2 hr touched time where we revord the babies vital signs, change diapers and feed the baby and put him to sleep.