Kali CampbellKali is a 17–year–old mixed–race teenager who presents as quiet, agitated, and disengaged.She has been arrested twice for drug use and possession of marijuana. She is still on probation for her last charge six months ago, when Kali and her girlfriend were caught smoking marijuana at the high school football stadium.Kali says that she is bisexual and her parents think it is “a stage,” but she feels that she loves all people. She says that she is in love with her girlfriend, who is 19 years old.Kali says she doesn’t go to school because it is stupid and she doesn’t learn anything. After her girlfriend graduated last year, there is just no reason to attend. She says, “There is nothing my parents or the stupid law can do about it. I am 17! They can’t make me go if I don’t want to anymore, so mom can just get over it and stop crying about it.” Her dad says she left school because she is embarrassed that she is gay and was bullied by the other kids.When asked what her future plans are, Kali says, “I’m just waiting to turn 18 so I can get out of this stupid place with my girlfriend, because we are going get as far away from here as we can.” Kali reports no desire to find a job or obtain her GED. She says she may go to school later to become a hairdresser, but only if she has to.Kali has violated her probation by testing positive for marijuana. During her intake, she said, “Drug laws are so stupid. It’s a natural plant! And why does it matter if I am 17 or 21?” Kali says smoking marijuana helps her to stay calm, reduces her anxiety, and helps her deal with her parents’ constant arguing. “Well, if you can call it that,” she says. “Mom yells and dad just sits there and takes it, I don’t know why.”Joe says, “Kali is a beautiful kid, but she takes after her mom – which sucks, because she won’t amount to anything.”“I don’t know what to do with her now that she likes girls,” Karen says. “It’s so embarrassing that she keeps getting in trouble with this girl, but I know it will pass. It’s just hard to watch her make these bad decisions. I don’t know what the big deal about marijuana is, it’s not like we didn’t drink when we were her age. Why does the law have to get involved? If it keeps her calm, what’s the problem?”“I think Kali is depressed but she won’t talk about it,” Joe says. She told me once, “I’m not a mess like mom! If I was depressed I would be like her, a stupid mess who does nothing but drink and sleep. I am nothing like her.”Kali has never had an official diagnosis, but was referred to counseling for depression by her school counselor as well as her probation officer.