Research Writing Assignment  (40 points)

Due Monday, March 6 at 11:59pm

Read the article and write a 2-page minimum paper that includes the following: (1) background information and the purpose of the study ( from the Introduction); (2) the important results and conclusions of the study ( from the Discussion); and (3)  what you learned from the study that is directly related to the content of the class.  Do not tell me just what you learned in class – tell me what you learned from  reading the original study above and beyond what you learned from the class. 


You will write a two-page paper following the directions below.

            Write a 1 paragraph summary of the research article you chose. Your summary should include but is not limited to the following:

· What was the topic

· what were the methods (important for opinion, is this methodology something you think is normal? Should they have done anything differently?)

· what were the findings

            After you summarize the article. You will write a response to the findings. This is a personal response. I want you to take the time to understand the findings and give a genuine response. This portion can include but is not limited to:

· Why you selected this article

· Original thoughts on what the results might be

· Was your thought confirmed or denied by the results of the test

· Anything you found particularly interesting

· Anything extra you want to include


To receive all points, you must follow all directions provided.

Paper Directions:

· This will be a 2-page minimum double spaced paper. Should you wish to write more I welcome that.

· 12-point font, Times New Roman  ONLY

· Margins will be 1 inch all around


The format of the project you hand in should be as follows:

 (copy it to a new file)

Student Name

Research Project


Original study:  (MLA Reference)


Summary:  Summarise the article including methods and findings.


Personal Response:  Describe what you learned from the original study related to the content covered in the class.   This is a  very important part of the project – be sure to spend sufficient time/energy describing what you learned – include specific information from the original study.