KINS 260 – CRF Max Worksheet

Type your answers to the following questions. Once completed save and submit in Canvas.

1. What does VO2 Max represent, and which equation is used to determine it. What is the difference between absolute and relative VO2 max?

2. Outline the process of completing a VO2 Max treadmill test.

3. What is RPE and what are the categories on the 6-20 Borg Scale? What value(s) is the subjective level of fatigue typically seen at?

4. What objective criteria indicates if a person reached their maximal effort when completing a max test (see pg. 132-133 in GETP, 11th edition)?

5. What are should testers be monitoring in clients as they complete a max test and what are indications for stopping an exercise test? 

6. What is anaerobic threshold and why is this value important in terms of performance? Give (1) example of a test that could assess anaerobic capacity.

7. What are other ways that besides a treadmill test can VO2Max be tested? What considerations would you have for selecting an assessment type for subjects?

8. How can you apply the information obtained in maximal testing in exercise prescription?

9. You have a 22-year-old soccer player as a client with a resting HR of 74. To improve their VO2max you have decided to include some vigorous intensity training and have a training intensity of 85% HRR. What would this client's Target HR (THR) be? 

10. You have a client that is a novice beginner with a VO2 on the lower end of average rating. To improve your clients VO2 rating you plan to begin at a moderate level intensity. What % HRR would you begin your clients training at?