Leadership and Management Essentials


Organization: Freshly Produced

Position: Chief Human Resources Officer

Background: As the newly appointed Chief Human Resources Officer at Freshly Produced, a rapidly growing grocery chain. Your mandate is to write an excerpt for the employee handbook that speaks to ways the organization is committed to their employees satisfaction, engagement, and success.

  1. Create the handbook excerpt using Canva, Adobe, or Visme (other options possible if approved by the instructor). Specific style requirements must be met depending on the submission method (see rubric).
  2. The excerpt must include leadership expectations (style, diversity and inclusion practices or hiring initiatives, and employee commitment initiatives as detailed below.

Leadership Expectations:

  1. Leadership style(s): Choose 1 leadership style you would encourage to create the desired culture/environment. Include examples of specific traits, behaviors, and characteristics of that style that are beneficial for employee engagement (citations required)

Diversity and Inclusion OR Practices:

  1. What hiring and promotion policies are in place to ensure there is diversity at the executive level of the organization and throughout?
  2. What hiring practices would you incorporate to ensure that internal hiring (and succession efforts) takes precedence over all external hiring?

Employee Commitment Initiatives (see potential examples below speak to 3 minimum):

  1. Professional development opportunities
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Benefits
  4. Fair compensation
  5. Wellness programs
  6. Career advancement and progression
  7. Flexible work arrangements
  8. Employee recognition programs