This assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate you can distinguish behaviorist, cognitive, constructivist, and social learning theories and relate their characteristics to your personal instructional experiences. Prior to starting this dsicussion forum, be sure to read Chapter 2 in Brown and Green (2020), Khalil and Elkhider (2016), Schwartz (2018), and Culatta (n.d.-b). In addition, review the Week 2 Instructor Guidance page and the Grading Rubric.

Initial Post: Compare behaviorist, cognitive, constructivist, and social learning theories. Complete the following:

· Describe how are they similar and how are they different.

· Describe how these theories would influence how you would design instruction or

· Provide an example for each learning theory.

· State which learning theory you personally gravitate towards and explain why.


Critical Thinking Guidance: To help meet the critical thinking requirement, your post should do at least one of the following:

· analyze or evaluate information,

· make connections to other concepts in the class,

· provide examples that support your thoughts and viewpoints,

· share personal experiences relevant to the post,

· cite sources that support what you are stating in your post, or

· offer alternative viewpoints