Management Question


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Learning Outcomes:

1. Recognize the basic concepts and terminology used in Strategic Management. (CLO1)

2.Explain the contribution of functional, business, and corporate strategies to the competitive advantage of the organization. (CLO3)

3.Distinguish between different types and levels of strategy and strategy implementation. (CLO4)

4.Communicate issues, results, and recommendations coherently, and effectively regarding appropriate strategies for different situations. (CLO6)

Discussion Questions

1)How does horizontal growth differ from vertical growth of a corporate strategy? From concentric diversification? Give at least one example for each strategy. (CH 7) 4 marks

2)What are the tradeoffs between an internal and an external growth strategy? Which approach is best as an international entry strategy? (CH 7) 3 marks

3)Are functional strategies interdependent, or can they be formulated independently of other functions? Discuss (CH 8) 3 marks

Important Notes:

Avoid Plagiarism.

Support your answers with course material concepts from the textbook and scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles, etc.

Need references and use APA style for writing the references.