Management Question Hakeem-1-5

Assignment Workload:

This Assignment comprises of a short Case.

Assignments are to be submitted by each student individually.

Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes:

After completion of Assignment two students will be able to understand the following LOs

LO3: To demonstrate a thorough understanding of HR Strategic planning which includes effective job analysis, recruitment, and selection strategies.

LO4: To have the ability to deliver and communicate HR policies messages in a coherent and professional manner.

Read the case given below and answer the questions:

Having done well as a staff accountant in the accounts payable section of a major industrial firm for several years since his graduation from college, Faisal felt that he had learned much about the ins and outs of survival in an intensely bureaucratic organization. It is thus not surprising that he was relaxed and unconcerned about his circumstances at the company as he entered the employee lounge to attend the late-afternoon welcoming reception for his new supervisor.

The new manager of accounts payable, Amina, had been transferred to Faisals division from a similar position in another subsidiary of the company because of her proven talent for organizing and improving the efficiency of operations there. A no-nonsense type of manager, Amina was experienced and determined to perform her new assignment with the same vigour that had brought her so much success throughout her career.

At the reception, Amina circulated through the room, introducing herself to her new subordinates and asking each of them if they had any suggestions that would help make the payables section a better place to work. When she approached Faisal, he told her about something that had been on his mind lately: that people seemed to him to gain promotions and be given opportunities to work overtime based on who liked them, and not on the quality of their work. In reply, Amina politely stated that she would do everything that she could to see that whatever it was he was referring to would have no place in the team she would lead.

Upon his arrival at work the next day, Faisal received a phone call from Aminas secretary asking that he meet with his new boss later that morning. He had barely entered her office for the meeting when she looked him straight in the eye and said, I will not tolerate individuals in this organization who are not good team players. Yesterday afternoon you led me to believe that there are people in this office who are not acting in the best interests of the company, and I want to know who. I want you to tell me the names of the managers you were referring to note and keep me informed if you see anyone hurting this company, or Ive got to think that maybe you are part of the problems around here. Stunned by both the tone and content of her statement, Faisal quickly tried to think of a way to respond.


Q1. How should Faisal respond? Why? What assumptions form the basis for your decision? (2.5Marks)

Q2. What are the short- and long-term costs and benefits of each alternative for Faisal? (2.5Marks)

Q3. Do you think Amina is a good leader? If yes, then Why? (2.5Marks)

Q4. What would you do if you found yourself in a similar position at your job? (2.5Marks)